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DQ - What Do You Bring to The Table?

DQ - What Do You Bring to The Table?

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This is the key: We can tell you that a man will not naturally chase, claim, devour and worship a wonman if he doesn't fell like making her his priority.

It goes without saying, that men know in the first month if your are going to be a main character or his side chick.

So ladies, in this overstimulated world where access to multiple choices is easy (social media, dating apps etc), it's also IMPORTANT for YOU to do the work in order to be able to have the relationship that you DEEPLY crave and attract the result you deserve.

This eBook is your modern roadmap to uncover your true self. It's not about ancient wisdom, but about the power of self-awareness in today's world. Think of this as your GPS for navigating the twists and turns of life and love in the 21st century.

From personal growth to understanding your unique role in relationships, this is your compass to navigate the intricate terrain of life and love.

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